How To Avoid Fake SEO Companies?

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SEO for any business especially small business with no identity is not an easy process. It takes time and effort on the part from SEO expert and business owner to accomplish any result. There are many SEO companies that will provide you with cheap SEO packages India but after taking your hard earned money will fail to deliver the desired results. This will leave you with empty pockets and back to square one.
But not all companies are the same. You just have to choose the right SEO services provider that will give results at an affordable price. Here I have discussed some tricks to avoid fake SEO companies-
  1. Do some DIY SEO
Do some research on SEO and services provide by experts before choosing any company SEO packages India. You can Google the SEO companies and experts. Check their website to confirm their legitimacy. They should have a professional and well-managed website. Read all the information and services provided by them.
  1. Guaranteed immediate ranking
Any company that offers immediate ranking, run as soon as you can. Nobody can guarantee an immediate ranking on Google. Either they will use black hat technical which is unethical or ranks your website on very long-tailed keywords which there is no searches and traffic. SEO is a continuous process which takes some time and a hell lot of effort on the part of both SEO expert and business owner to obtain a rank on Google. 
  1. Tools they use
Ask your potential SEO service provider what are the tools they will use for SEO. Two important tools used in SEO are
  • Google analytics is used to track the report of website traffic and monitor keyword performance
  • Google console is also used to track website performance and fix any bugs or issues 
These are very essential tools used in SEO. If your company doesn’t use these tools then you should not go with that company.
  1. Case Study
Showing their work for any good SEO company in Delhi is not a difficult task. If they are trying to avoid your question or are hesitant to give a client reference then don’t choose that SEO company as they might not have any success or are outright fake.
  1. Ask what are the strategies they will use
Ask your potential SEO services provider that what are the strategies and methods they will use to achieve the desired results. Here are the services provided by an SEO expert-
  • Local SEO
  • On-page optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Relevant keywords and phrases
  • Technical SEO
  • Pay per click(PPC)
  • Off page SEO
  • Marketing through social media

  1. Cost of the services
SEO doesn’t come cheap. If any company is offering you very cheap services then it should raise red flags. There are many methods and trick to do right SEO which requires quality content, time and hard work. 
Final thought-
For you to find the right SEO company in Delhi is no easy matter. Before choosing any SEO packages India, do the above mentioned check on the agency before finally saying yes and investing our money.


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